Exporting DATS datasets in non-linear format

The following tutorial shows in detail how to use Prosig DATS to export data in a non-linear format.

DATS stores all data in linear format. When you export data you are exporting the raw stored data. Therefore, to export data in a non-linear fashion we must convert the data to non-linear scale (dB for our example) and then export to the desired format, in this case CSV. Continue reading Exporting DATS datasets in non-linear format

Prosig DAC Signal Generation and Reproduction

Using a Prosig P8000 system with a 8424 DAC (digital-to-analogue) card fitted, it is possible to generate signals of any type. Typically, these might be  sinewaves, chirps, random, bursts, sweeps or anything else that you can think of.

With a maximum bandwidth of 19.2kHz for each and every output, the 8424 DAC card offers the highest quality reproduction of either real time generated signals or replayed signals at sample rates of up to 288kHz.

The high sample rate to bandwidth ratio ensures that any signals generated or replayed up to 19.2kHz are reproduced in extremely high quality with little or no distortion.

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