PROTOR Redhat : Installing TELNET server on Redhat

By default the RedHat 7.2 installation will not allow a remote user to connect to the system using TELNET for security reasons. It is probably safest to leave the system like this and use an encrypted connect facility such as SSH. However if you do wish to allow TELNET access then you need to do the following.

Install the telnet-server RPM from the RedHat installation disk #1 either using a suitable package manager to use the following command line:

rpm --install --replacefiles --nodeps

This installation creates a file telnet in the directory /etc/xinetd.d . Edit this file and change the line

disable = yes


disable = no

Restart xinetd by the command

xinetd restart

PROTOR Redhat : Installing XDM

By default the RedHat 7.2 installation uses the GNOME Display Manager GDM or possibly the KDE Display Manager KDM. Both these Display Managers are very powerful and allow users to select the type of session to start ( such as GNOME or KDE ). There are also options and menus to shutdown or reboot the system. For a PROTOR installation where we want to control the users session then using the basic XFree86 display manager XDM is preferable.

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PROTOR Note : Booting Linux using NT Loader

In some configuration it may be required or desirable for Linux and Window NT to co-exist on the same system. Presuming Windows NT has been initially installed then the system will boot through the Windows NT Boot Loader. Assuming that a Linux system has been added to a spare partition or additional disk then the requirement is to add an option to the NT Boot Loader such that either Windows NT or Linux may be booted.

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