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[Video] Create AVI files from your structural animations

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The DATS Modal Analysis software consists of Hammer Impact Testing, Modal Analysis & Structural Animation (often referred to as Operational Deflection Shapes or ODS and Running Modes). Having measured and analysed your data the Structural Animation software allows you to visualisation your structure under certain operating conditions. These visualisations can then be saved as AVI files. This video shows you how…

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How do I find the natural frequency of an inlet manifold?

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There are a number of ways to find the natural frequency (resonance) of a part like an automotive inlet manifold. Here are three different types of popular test technique. But which one should you use and why? Continue reading How do I find the natural frequency of an inlet manifold?

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[Video] What are nodes, components & structures in modal testing

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James Wren (Prosig UK) explains how nodes, components & structures are used in modal hammer testing using Prosig’s P8000 & DATS software.

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New DATS Hammer Software – Preview Available

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As mentioned in a previous post and in our last email newsletter (signup form on the right of this page) we are pleased to announce that the preview version of the new DATS Hammer Impact software is now available for download. Continue reading New DATS Hammer Software – Preview Available

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New Hammer Impact Software – Preview coming soon

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After listening to customer feedback, we have completely re-engineered the DATS Hammer Impact software. The new version will ship with the next DATS update (not the soon-to-be-released V7.0.23). In the meantime you will be able to download and preview the new package. You will of course need a P8000 system and a DATS licence with the Hammer Impact option enabled. Continue reading New Hammer Impact Software – Preview coming soon

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