Prosig DAC Signal Generation and Reproduction

Using a Prosig P8000 system with a 8424 DAC (digital-to-analogue) card fitted, it is possible to generate signals of any type. Typically, these might be  sinewaves, chirps, random, bursts, sweeps or anything else that you can think of.

With a maximum bandwidth of 19.2kHz for each and every output, the 8424 DAC card offers the highest quality reproduction of either real time generated signals or replayed signals at sample rates of up to 288kHz.

The high sample rate to bandwidth ratio ensures that any signals generated or replayed up to 19.2kHz are reproduced in extremely high quality with little or no distortion.

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Prosig P8000 system

8424 DAC (digital-to-analogue) card

How do I balance a shaft?

“How do I balance a shaft?” seems like a fairly straightforward question, but there are a number of things that we need to understand first. Here we look at a number of key concepts that need to be understood in order perform balancing.

What does balance mean?

Well broadly speaking to balance a shaft, mass must be added or removed at certain angles. The concept being that the centre of gravity and rotational centre of the shaft will be equal when the shaft is balanced. Continue reading How do I balance a shaft?

DATS & P8000 on Windows 8

For anyone curious about Prosig’s DATS software & P8000 hardware running under the newly released Microsoft Windows 8 we can report that everything works as smoothly as ever.

Here at Prosig we’ve been using the hardware & software on the preview versions of Windows 8 for a few months now. Since the final release hit the streets recently we can confirm that there are no known compatibility issues with DATS, P8000 and the new operating system.

If you have any specific questions please email us at


New Hammer Impact Software – Preview coming soon

After listening to customer feedback, we have completely re-engineered the DATS Hammer Impact software. The new version will ship with the next DATS update (not the soon-to-be-released V7.0.23). In the meantime you will be able to download and preview the new package. You will of course need a P8000 system and a DATS licence with the Hammer Impact option enabled. Continue reading New Hammer Impact Software – Preview coming soon

2nd Annual Prosig Prize for Engineering at Portsmouth University

Following on from the recent post regarding of the 2012 Survey Prize Draw we have more prize giving news.

Ashley receives his certificate and cheque from James Wren (Prosig UK)
Ashley receives his certificate and cheque from James Wren (Prosig UK)

The 2nd Annual Prosig Prize for Engineering at Portsmouth University has been awarded to Ashley Stehr for his project “Developing an engineering mechanism to reduce the effects of rapid rotational motion caused by the shocks inherent with high speed craft”. Continue reading 2nd Annual Prosig Prize for Engineering at Portsmouth University

And The Winner Is…

Thank you to everyone who completed our 2012 User Survey. The results were, as always, fascinating and will be used to improve our future hardware & software products.

We are please to announce that James Hansen of Ford Motor Company was the winner of the prize draw for a Kindle Touch. James is a veteran of Prosig hardware & software and has seen several generations of both. Here is James receiving his Kindle from Ken Goward of Prosig USA…

Congratulations to James. We hope you enjoy your Kindle.

Bad luck to all our other respondents. There’s always next year’s survey…