When should I use the ground connection on my P8000 data acquisition system?

The ground connection should be used if an issue has been observed in measured data, such as significant electricity supply (50Hz or 60Hz) distortion or significant noise.

It must be attached it to a very good earth point (like a steel pipe or foundation)

It should be noted that sometimes connecting the ground cable to earth can actually make matters worse. It depends on the situation.

Exporting DATS datasets in non-linear format

The following tutorial shows in detail how to use Prosig DATS to export data in a non-linear format.

DATS stores all data in linear format. When you export data you are exporting the raw stored data. Therefore, to export data in a non-linear fashion we must convert the data to non-linear scale (dB for our example) and then export to the desired format, in this case CSV. Continue reading Exporting DATS datasets in non-linear format

Rotor Runout Measurement

Prosig’s DATS Software includes an optional add-on package for rotor runout measurement. Runout may consist of two components – Mechanical Runout and Electrical Runout. You can read more about runout on prosig.com here – Rotor Runout Measurement.

We are often asked exactly what analysis and information is included  The purpose of this post is to show some of the screens and reports from the Rotor Runout Measurement package. So here goes… Continue reading Rotor Runout Measurement

What Sample Rate Do I Use To Measure Whole Body Vibration?

What sample rate should I use if I am measuring whole body vibration?

Strict ISO8041 compliance imposes a minimum sample rate of 900 samples per second. This ensures the amplitude and phase characteristics of the applied weightings meet the required criteria. To take account of the anti alias hardware filter we would recommend 1200 samples/second. If non-strict compliance is used the minimum sample rate is 300 samples/second.

ISO2631-1 recommends a minimum data duration of 227 seconds. However, for greater reliability, 600 seconds is now considered essential. That is, a 600 second or longer signal will be more representative and will provide better quality results.