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Jan 21

How to use an Analogue Channel with Tachometer Signals on the P8000

When using an analogue channel input channel of a P8000, with a tachometer sensor, is it possible to utilise the tachometer processing functions as you would if you were using a tachometer input of the P8000? For example could you display an RPM on an analogue channel? When using an analogue channel it is possible …

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[Video] Creating speed signals for data with no tacho

So you’ve got some noise and/or vibration data from a rotating machine, but no speed information. Surely that means you can’t analyse against speed or do any order analysis, right? Well, not quite!

The DATS Rotating Machinery option now comes with a tool to create speed v time data using your noise or vibration signals.

Watch the video to find out how…


May 15

How do I perform vibration analysis on a cylinder head and inlet manifold?

We were asked the following question… I want to perform some cylinder head and inlet manifold vibration analysis, what should I do? First we need to consider sensor selection

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Nov 02

How do I balance a shaft?


“How do I balance a shaft?” seems like a fairly straightforward question, but there are a number of things that we need to understand first. Here we look at a number of key concepts that need to be understood in order perform balancing. What does balance mean? Well broadly speaking to balance a shaft, mass …

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Jul 20

There are tachometer signals available on the vehicle CAN-bus. Can I use these signals instead of connecting my own tachometer signal?

A simple question should have a simple answer and that answer is “No”. As usual, however, life is never that simple.

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May 20

A Simple Step-by-step Guide To Bearing Vibration Analysis

A simple roller bearing

Generally. when developing and testing bearings a simple step by step procedure should be followed.

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Apr 11

Importance of tachometer/keyphasor signal conditioning and its relationship to phase measurements

This note describes the importance and setup of a keyphasor or tachometer signal for PROTOR Remote Monitoring Data Acquisition System (RMDAS) units. RMDAS units are provided with manual tachometer conditioning control. The note describes the control functions and there effect on the conditioned tachometer signal, it also describes the relationship between phase measurement and keyphasor …

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