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Feb 19

The end for Windows XP. Are you ready?

Microsoft has recently announced that security updates and patches for its Windows XP operating system will end from 08 April 2014. http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/enterprise/endofsupport.aspx Many organisations are now having to update older PCs and laptops to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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[Video] Create AVI files from your structural animations

The DATS Modal Analysis software consists of Hammer Impact Testing, Modal Analysis & Structural Animation (often referred to as Operational Deflection Shapes or ODS and Running Modes). Having measured and analysed your data the Structural Animation software allows you to visualisation your structure under certain operating conditions. These visualisations can then be saved as AVI files. This video shows you how…

Sep 17

Creating calculated signals with DATS Acquisition

Transducer sensitivity curve

Case Study: What can I do if the transducer I am using has a non-linear sensitivity over its measuring range? Abstract Recently a PROSIG user wanted to measure a specific temperature parameter on a running engine. The transducer being used was one of the engine sensors built into the engine operating system to minimize engine …

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Status update

The latest version of the DATS software is now available. Log in to the Prosig support site to download your copy. The new version, V7.0.23, contains many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Read on to find out a little of what you can expect. (more…)

Status update

The latest version of Prosig’s DATS software was released today and is available to download from the Prosig Support web pages. Read on to find out about some the new features… (more…)

Jan 19

Using Named Elements & Global Variables In Worksheets (Part 1)

DATS for Windows 7.0 - Untitled RaceCarRunUp.dac {Exhaust}_2012-01-19_15-33-45

This article is the first in a series that will introduce two very important facilities that can be used when creating DATS worksheets – Named Elements and Global Variables. It is perfectly possible to perform simple measurement and analysis with DATS without knowingly using either of them. However, knowing how they work and what they …

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[Video] A Simple Capture, Analysis and Report (Part 4)

This is the final part of our four part tutorial. This adds a report to the worksheet we developed in part 3.




[Video] A Simple Capture, Analysis and Report (Part 3)

Today we have the third of our four part tutorial. Here we show how to quickly build a worksheet to analyze the data we captured in parts one and two.

Part four will follow on Monday