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Feb 27

Exporting DATS datasets in non-linear format

Loaded Linear Data

The following tutorial shows in detail how to use Prosig DATS to export data in a non-linear format. DATS stores all data in linear format. When you export data you are exporting the raw stored data.┬áTherefore, to export data in a non-linear fashion we must convert the data to non-linear scale (dB for our example) …

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Jan 10

Prosig DAC Signal Generation and Reproduction

Using a Prosig P8000 system with a 8424 DAC (digital-to-analogue) card fitted, it is possible to generate signals of any type. Typically, these might be ┬ásinewaves, chirps, random, bursts, sweeps or anything else that you can think of. With a maximum bandwidth of 19.2kHz for each and every output, the 8424 DAC card offers the …

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Jul 20

There are tachometer signals available on the vehicle CAN-bus. Can I use these signals instead of connecting my own tachometer signal?

A simple question should have a simple answer and that answer is “No”. As usual, however, life is never that simple.

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Apr 24

Understanding the P8000 Auto-Zero Function

Autozero types

The Prosig P8000 Auto-Zero function is a powerful tool and it is well worth spending some time understanding it.

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