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Apr 01

Is it possible to connect the BNC outer to ground when using a P8000?


A question was recently posed regarding the grounding conditions of a BNC type input. The shield or outer of a BNC cable or connector is not connected to the chassis or ground. What would happen if it was connected to ground?

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Making an Orbit Plot

A short video tutorial describing how to create an orbit plot using the DATS software


Sound Mapping Software Example

Jun 16

When should I use the ground connection on my P8000 data acquisition system?

The ground connection¬†should be used if an issue has been observed in measured data, such as significant electricity supply (50Hz or 60Hz) distortion or significant noise. It must be attached it to a very good earth point (like a steel pipe or foundation) It should be noted that sometimes connecting the ground cable to earth …

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May 13

What engineering decisions are made by measuring a power spectrum?

By power spectrum we are talking about an ASD (Auto Spectral Density) or PSD (Power Spectral Density). In fact PSD is often used when really ASD would be more correct. Taking any signal and performing a frequency analysis using an ASD or a PSD will give the energy over a range of frequencies.

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Mar 12

What is Auto Spectral Density?

The Auto Spectral Density or Auto RMS spectrum analyses uses Fourier Transforms to process optionally overlapped sections of the input data. The result of each Fourier analysed section is called a periodogram. We then process all the resulting periodograms to produce a spectral result.

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[Video] Exporting DATS datasets in non-linear format

To complement our recent post on Exporting DATS datasets in non-linear format here is James Wren demonstrating the method.


How to set up scheduled data captures

A video that explains how to set up the DATS Data Acquisition software to perform captures at specific, scheduled times.


[Video] Create AVI files from your structural animations

The DATS Modal Analysis software consists of Hammer Impact Testing, Modal Analysis & Structural Animation (often referred to as Operational Deflection Shapes or ODS and Running Modes). Having measured and analysed your data the Structural Animation software allows you to visualisation your structure under certain operating conditions. These visualisations can then be saved as AVI files. This video shows you how…

Nov 11

Relative signal levels of a sinusoid with and without background noise

Spectrum level of 35Hz sinusoid

In the process of looking at some order data, a question about the accuracy of the measurement of the signal level of discrete frequency signals which were close to the general noise level.¬† To answer this question, a small DATS worksheet was created which generated 2 signals.¬† The first signal was a 35 Hz sinusoid …

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