Creating calculated signals with DATS Acquisition

Case Study: What can I do if the transducer I am using has a non-linear sensitivity over its measuring range?


Recently a PROSIG user wanted to measure a specific temperature parameter on a running engine. The transducer being used was one of the engine sensors built into the engine operating system to minimize engine emissions and maximize fuel economy. Unfortunately, the sensitivity of this transducer was not constant over the desired temperature range. The question then became, how can the output from this non-linear transducer be used to accurately measure the desired temperature parameter? Contine reading

DATS & P8000 on Windows 8

For anyone curious about Prosig’s DATS software & P8000 hardware running under the newly released Microsoft Windows 8 we can report that everything works as smoothly as ever.

Here at Prosig we’ve been using the hardware & software on the preview versions of Windows 8 for a few months now. Since the final release hit the streets recently we can confirm that there are no known compatibility issues with DATS, P8000 and the new operating system.

If you have any specific questions please email us at