New Version of DATS Out Now – V7.0.23 Released

The latest version of the DATS software is now available. Log in to the Prosig support site to download your copy. The new version, V7.0.23, contains many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Read on to find out a little of what you can expect.

Worksheets are faster, more powerful and easier to use

The worksheet editor has been made even more user-friendly. You can now easily move connections from one DPU to another without having to delete and re-create them. You can remove DPUs while leaving the underlying connections in place. Grouping/ungrouping and copy/paste of DPUs has been improved. Worksheet variables can now be used in more places and variable expressions can now include all standard maths functions. Best of all, execution speed has been improved. In tests, worksheets ran between 25% and 50% faster and in most cases were as fast as their script equivalent.

New analysis options

As well as many improvements to existing analysis functions there are new functions for…

  • Calculating transfer functions of transient response signals
  • Finding spectrum peaks
  • Generation of sines with random phase & lognormal random distribution
  • Wideband integration and 4th order differentiation

As well as these new features there is the usual improvements, tweaks and bug fixes.

If you haven’t yet registered for the support web site you can register here.


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